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Let’s face it, we’re named BUZZ CUTS, and when you walk into our salon, that’s probably what you’re looking for. A man who asks for a buzz cut knows exactly what he wants; ‘clean lines, short on the sides and maybe leave some up top’. Buzz Cuts are what we do best so cut to the chase, visit our salon for the best buzz cuts in Dingmans Ferry, PA.
While buzz cuts are one of the most simple, no-nonsense hairstyles, there are actually several different variations: crew cut (aka army cut), bald cut, butch cut, flat-top, and the ivy league. The crew cut is a favorite among many men for several reasons, but we can all agree that this hairstyle offers ease of maintenance more than any other hairstyle. The ivy league was named since you can see gentlemen sporting on college campuses throughout the country. This common hairstyle leaves more hair on the top than other buzz cuts but still retains its easy-to-maintain factor.
With so many variations in style, many clients have demanded even more customization. In recent trends, fades and tapers have gained popularity. Whether you want a clean shave all around or something more tailored to your preferences our hair stylists are armed with high-quality clippers to give you the short styles you desire.
We’ve been offering buzz cuts to our clients for over 18 years, and we’ve kept up with every trend that has come and gone. Nobody knows buzz cuts better than the hair stylists at BUZZ CUTS.

Visit BUZZ CUTS today, we’re dedicated to our craft, and we’ll give you the exact hair style you’ve been looking for.

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